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As an inquisitive dentist that has been practicing in NYC for almost 40 years, I’m constantly reading and learning about the latest developments in dentistry and treatments for my patients...
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Your family dentist is educated by StemSave and stem cell researchers

StemSave provides your family Dentist with the information and education he or she needs to identify teeth and tissue that contain viable stem cells. Should  your Dentist have any questions or suggestions about these stem cells, he or she has access to our dental specialists and stem cell researchers to discuss the latest information.

We also worked in collaboration with Dentists to create the StemSave recovery and transport kit that safely delivers the tooth to our certified testing and processing facility. Once viability is assessed, the cells are then stored, using state-of-the-art cryogenic preservation technology.

With cryogenically-preserved stem cells, Doctors may one day create personalized medical treatments if a member of your family develops a disease or has a serious injury that may require stem cell treatments.

StemSave System

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StemSave's patented Recovery and transport kit

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