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Application of Stem Cells in Dentistry - StemSave System

Tooth Stem Cell Banking – How to Enroll?

Save A Tooth for Stem Cells - Verification & Cryopreservation

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Professional FAQ
  How are stem cells harvested from teeth and dental tissues?
  Adult stem cells can be harvested from the pulp of primary and permanent teeth, by removing the periodontal ligament from extracted teeth, saving bone fragments during placement of dental implants, and by collecting bone marrow after tooth extraction...
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StemSave System

By enrolling in StemSave, your Patients will know that your practice provides them access to cutting-edge medical and dental technologies with ease and efficiency. StemSave is carefully designed to take less than a minute of a Dentist's time and we maintain a contractual relationship with your Patient so there is no paperwork or payments for your practice to manage.

An office assistant can easily package and logon to your StemSave account to alert us when your Patient's stem cells are ready for pick-up and delivery to our labs. For the practice staff overseeing this worry-free process, StemSave provides an Administrative Compensation Fee.

For your information, the complete process is detailed herein below with the Dentist's role highlighted.


2 Easy Steps

Step 1:  Patient enrolls by visiting or calling 877-StemSave.
StemSave prepares a customized kit for your Patient and sends it to your Practice (you may also use one of the unassigned kits included in your StemSave Dental Professional Starter Kit and assign it to your Patient on the day of the recovery).

Step 2:  Patient makes an appointment with your practice for the planned procedure and recovery of their stem cells.


  • During the scheduled procedure:
    • Visually inspect the freshly-extracted tooth to confirm the presence of healthy pulpal tissue.
    • Once you have confirmed that there is healthy tissue, transfer the tooth or teeth into the StemSave vial containing the solution to nourish and protect the cells during transport.
      (up to four teeth can be included in the vial)
    • Screw on the cap, sealing the vial, and pass it to an assistant.


  • Your assistant takes the sample vial outside the procedure area and places it into StemSave’s patented recovery and transport system.  Once the insulated shipping box’s cover is closed, your assistant applies the security label.

Your assistant clicks the "Easy Ship" button located at the top right corner of StemSave's Web Site:

  • Log-in to your Practice's StemSave account.
  • Verify the Patient's information in your StemSave account and match the Unique Identification Number (UIN) located on the outside of the return shipping box.
  • StemSave’s web site, integrated with UPS' pick-up system, generates a customized UPS shipping label that your assistant will print out and place into the clear pouch on the back of the shipping box.
  • UPS sends a driver to pick up the box.
  • Once picked up by UPS, StemSave monitors and tracks the transport of the box, making this information available to you and your Patient online,


  • When the box arrives at the StemSave cryopreservation facility:
    • The UIN on the vial is matched with the Patient's information in our database.
    • The tooth is removed from the vial, processed, and the viability of the cells is assessed.
    • Only cells that are deemed viable will be cryopreserved.
  • A confirmation notice is sent directly to you and your Patient.
  • When your Patient has a need for their stem cells in the future, they will contact StemSave directly for the appropriate removal and transport from storage.

StemSave's System

StemSave System

The discovery of stem cells in teeth puts dentistry at the forefront of ensuring that patients may benefit from new stem cell treatments for the rest of their lives.

Recovery of the tooth - StemSave System

Recovery of the toothAfter the Dentist confirms the presence of healthy tissue, the tooth is transfer into the StemSave vial

StemSave lab

StemSave labs confirm the presence and viability of cells, then sends confirmation directly to you and your patient.
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