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State-of-the-art labs preserve your family’s stem cells

Because StemSave works with one of the largest stem cell verification and cryogenic storage laboratories in the world, we are able to offer the personal attention and emotional support that our members like you, expect. Our FDA-registered lab processes your family’s stem cells using the same process that Doctors and Scientists have relied upon for decades to store living cells for future use.

From Your Dentist's Office 

Once your family’s stem cells arrive from your Dentist’s office, our lab technicians immediately assess the cells for viability. Then we begin the careful, scientifically-proven process of preserving the cells cryogenically.

Delivering Peace-of-Mind to You

StemSave is committed to working with you and your Dentist to secure you and your family's stem cells. If, for some reason, the cells are not viable when they reach our lab, StemSave will credit your account, enabling you and your Dentist to recover your family’s stem cells at a later date at no additional cost.  Either way, you will know the results of the cell viability test in a matter of days.

Our Storage Labs

Stem Cell Verification and Cryogenic Storage Laboratories

StemSave stores your family’s stem cells at one of the leading cryopreservation facilities in the world.

Preserve family�s stem cells - StemSave

Scientific research on dental stem demonstrates that cryopreserved stem cells are viable after being retrieved from long-term storage.

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