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Professional FAQ
  What are stem cells?
  Stem cells are unique cells that have the ability to replicate and differentiate into other cell types and tissues...
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Member Benefits

for our Pediatric Dentists 

Meeting AAPD Policy Guidelines

Stem cells are pluripotential cells that are typically quiescent, but can divide and multiply for an extended period of time, differentiating into a diverse range of specialized cell types and tissues.

Adult mesenchymal stem cells, of which dental stem cells are a subset, display inherent plasticity, the ability to proliferate and differentiate into many cell lines. The most familiar application of adult stem cell therapy is bone marrow transplantation to treat hematopoietic cancers, metabolic disorders, and congenital immunodeficiency syndromes. Stem cell therapy is undergoing clinical testing for other conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and brain trauma/spinal cord injuries. Suggested applications related to oral health care have included healing and regeneration of dental and periodontal tissues as well as craniofacial structures (eg, repair of cleft lip/palate).

Parents may elect to preserve umbilical cord blood of their child for future harvesting of stem cells if autologous regenerative therapies are indicated. Healthy pulpal tissue of primary teeth and surgically removed permanent teeth including third molars also may serve as a source of adult mesenchymal stem cells. While dental stem cells are readily accessible, those cells must be secured and stored properly to maintain the potential to proliferate and differentiate. The public is increasingly aware of this emerging science, and more parents are expressing interest in harvesting/banking dental stem cells.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes the emerging field of regenerative medicine and encourages dentists to follow evidence-based literature in order to educate parents about the collection and storage of dental stem cells. Procurement of dental stems cells should be accomplished only with deliberate integrity and appropriate informed consent to assure the ethical standards and quality of outcomes.

StemSave is uniquely qualified to help pediatric dentists meet the policy guidelines put forth by the AAPD:

StemSave is Committed To Your Education

StemSave is alone in offering ADA CERP Stem Cell CE to Dental Professionals. StemSave has collaborated with leading dental organizations to offer additional stem cell related CE opportunities:

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StemSave Online Research Center

StemSave offers the most extensive research center on-line providing you and your patients access to the latest in stem cell science and regenerative medical applications.

StemSave Scientific Advisory Council

Our scientific council is comprised of world renowned and cutting edge researchers keeping you and your patients at the forefront of stem cell advancements.

Patient Education Materials

StemSave provides patient informational materials and practice support literature so your patients are informed and educated about regenerative medicine, stem cells and stem cell banking.

FDA Registered Facilities

StemSave is FDA registered and our full service laboratory and cryopreservation facility has been in business for over 25 years and is one of the largest in the world. StemSave adheres to the FDA HCT/P Minimal Manipulation Guidelines for the recovery and cryopreservation of stem cells.

Patented Tooth Transport Kit

Designed in consultation with Dental Professionals, thermal engineers, transportation experts, cellular biologists and medical specialists our advanced design protects and nourishes teeth during transport.

Hospital Affiliation

StemSave is the only dental stem cell banking firm to partner with a leading hospital pediatric dental center.

Premier Stem Cell Banking Network

With the largest and fastest growing network of dentists, more families and dentists trust their stem cell banking needs to StemSave.

Fully Automated, Paperless, Seamless Practice Integration

StemSave was carefully designed to be convenient and efficient for both you and your patients. Recovery of the stem cells occurs during routine dental procedures.

Learn More about the StemSave Advantage here

In addition to helping Pediatric dentists meet the policy guidelines of the AAPD, StemSave offers many other benefits to your dental practice.

Enhance your Practice and Expand your Care

Enhance your practice and expand the scope of care provided to your Patients by enrolling in StemSave.  We provide StemSave Dental Professionals all the tools and informational resources needed to offer your patients – with full confidence – the opportunity to secure their families' future health.

Benefits of enrolling in StemSave :

  • StemSave Dental Professional Starter Package with information about stem cells and the opportunity StemSave provides you and your Patients. Included in the Starter Package:
    • A complete patented StemSave recovery and transport Kit – no refrigeration or special storage required – with auto-renewing inventory so you can respond to urgent opportunities to secure a Patient's stem cells;
    • Brochures to educate your Patients on the value of saving their stem cells;
    • Attractive Informational StemSave poster
    • Dental Professional’s Brochure and Guide.
  • An online account that seamlessly connects your office with StemSave's delivery and tracking system.
  • The opportunity to earn Continuing Education credits (Learn More) from a peer-reviewed research article outlining the medical benefits of adult dental stem cells (no new procedures to learn).
  • Periodic updates on the latest developments in stem cell research.
  • Enhanced relationships with your Patients and the ability to expand the scope of healthcare provided to them and their families.

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Talking To Patients

Enrolling in StemSave gives you the opportunity to enhance your practice and expand your care.

Stem Save Member Benefits

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Patient Educational Materials
We provide your practice with Patient Brochures, brochure holder and an attractive informational StemSave poster that you place on the wall of your consultation, treatment and waiting rooms


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