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StemSave FAQ
How should I inform my Dentist that I would like to bank my child’s stem cells or my own?
We recommend that you first enroll on our site as a StemSave Member...
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Dentist & Family Stories

Having confidence in your family dentist

Your relationship with, and confidence in, your dentist are a big part of our approach. You don’t have to go to a specialist you don’t know, or deal with a procedure you’re uncomfortable or unfamiliar with, to secure your stem cells.

And since StemSave provides educational tools and courses for your family dentist, you can have complete confidence that the entire process is as practical and beneficial as possible.


What parents are saying

“Back in 2005 I was the recipient of a kidney transplant after suffering from FSGS. I now live my life on anti-rejection medication. While I was going through all of this, I of course began to learn more about different types of medicine and of course stem cells came was part of my studies. I truly believe the future of medicine is stem cells. I decided to bank the stem cells of both my children because I wanted to be sure that they had an opportunity that I didn’t have; the ability to have their own cells available to them. I absolutely believe that having your own cells, your own tissue, available for personalized medicine will be so important for our future and that is why I offer this to my patients and am proud to say I did it for my family.”
Dr. Bryan Miller, Englewood, CO

“Stem Cell Therapy will continue to be the new frontier in modern medicine and now dentistry as well.  I believe that we have not yet even seen all the doors that will be opened to the uses of stem cells and regenerative therapies.  As a parent, the concern for my children and their future  health, is of course a priority. What I've learned about stem cells leads me to conclude that having my children's own stem cells available will be potentially useful, and possibly even life saving as they mature.  I made the decision to store my son's stem cells and now have the peace of mind that his valuable cells are stored and readily available if he should ever need them." Dr. David Ingber, Westport, CT

"Last year we were introduced to the concept of saving an individual’s powerful stem cells from their teeth - baby teeth, wisdom teeth and healthy adult teeth.   Our dental practice was so impressed with the potential benefits of stem cell cryo-preservation to the future health of our patients that we decided to offer the StemSave.  Since offering the service, many of our patients have taken advantage of the opportunity to save their own stem cells.  As a dentist, I have been impressed with StemSave’s fully integrated and efficient system.  Well today I saved my daughter Krystina's stem cells from her baby tooth hence I experienced StemSave from the patient’s perspective and I am happy to say, I was equally impressed.   The website is very easy to use, provides an abundance of information and registering Krystina was a snap.  I know I have taken an important step in preserving the future health of my daughter and we are delighted to offer the StemSave service to our patients."  Dr . Dean Vafiadis, New York, NY

“With all the scientific developments in stem cell research, this is an easy and convenient way to safeguard my daughter’s health later on, if she ever needs it. It’s like getting a vaccination that will continue to pay off for years.”                              Esther Bethnay, Syracuse NY 

“I never would have guessed that the baby teeth we used to throw away can be used to advance my children’s health. There’s really no reason not to do this. It’s simple to do and pain free.” Phyllis Madre, Houston TX

“We decided not to harvest our baby’s cord blood because it was so expensive and we had so many other big decisions to make for the new baby. We knew the StemSave system would give us an opportunity to save the stem cell when it was convenient for us – and about one-third the price.” Paula Thomaslin, Chicago Il

What Physicians and Dentists are saying
As an inquisitive dentist that has been practicing in NYC for almost 40 years, I’m constantly reading and learning about the latest developments in dentistry and treatments for my patients. Coincidently, I ran into another NYC dentist who was talking about Dr. Greg Chotkowski, the President of StemSave, who also had a wonderful oral surgery practice in NYC. Hearing about Dr. Chotkowski’s new project, I contacted him to get more information about the StemSave service and learn more about the potential of these stem cells that are being found in teeth. As a parent of a son afflicted with Type I Diabetes, discussing the promise that these stem cells hold as a future cure to many diseases, including diabetes, made me want to become a part of StemSave immediately.

I was able to meet the chief scientific advisor of StemSave, Dr. Jeremy Mao, at his laboratory in Columbia University. I felt privileged to witness all the clinical trials going on and the amazing work that has been done with dental stem cells in such a short period of time. I’ve gone on to discuss this with my other son, a dental student, who sees the value of this service and believes it will be a vital part of dentistry, and the future of regenerative medicine when he will open his own practice. 

Knowing I’m a provider of this potentially life altering service, provides my patients with the cutting edge standard of care. I look forward to what these stem cells will be able to do for all of us. I’m grateful this service exists and may potentially be able to benefit my son and his battle with Type I Diabetes, as well as other patients that already are, or may soon be afflicted with a disease.
Dr. Myron Finkel New York, NY

"I walked through the 2008 Hinman Meeting, and picked up brochures and literature from the various tables and like I usual do, review the information when I return home. When I reviewed the StemSave Brochure, it stole my interest. I enrolled on the website to put my practice on the cutting-edge, as well as learn even more about Stem Cells. I received information about the Department of Defense investing a substantial amount of money into stem cell science and research it became immediately clear that this technology was not only the future, it was getting here fast. I immediately began telling my patients about this service and the opportunity that is available to them by utilizing StemSave. One of those patients I recommended this too was my own granddaughter Abby. We have safely stored her 3rd molars for the future and it’s a decision I would never think twice about. I believe in stem cells and the power that they hold for the future and I happily provide this opportunity to my practice, as well as my own family." 
Dr. Lloyd Darby Vidalia, GA

“I’ve been a dentist for many years and I strongly recommend StemSave to my patients. It’s an easy way to ensure the medical and dental health of your family. I urge all my patients to take part.” Joe Bellis, DMD

“Stem cells in baby teeth are abundant and these teeth are falling out everyday. So the benefits of these stem cells are being wasted. That’s why I urge parents with children to do this and not let the opportunity pass.” Dr. Harvey Earley, DDS
We are very pleased to be able to offer this service to our patients
"The StemSave recovery procedure adds less than 30 seconds to our surgical time, but can benefit our patients for their entire lives. We are very pleased to be able to offer this service to our patients."  Jay B. Reznick, DMD, MD Tarzana CA
Dentist & Family Stories

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