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Adult Stem Cell Banking – An Overview

What You Need to Know about Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Adult Stem Cell Research

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Adult Stem Cell Overview

Recent exciting, new discoveries place Dentists at the forefront of helping their patients benefit from potentially life-saving therapies derived from a patient's own stem cells obtained from deciduous teeth, third molars and permanent teeth.   

Stem cells are immature, undifferentiated cells that can divide, multiply and differentiate into specific types of cells and tissues. There are two types of stem cells: adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Different types of adult stem cells have been identified in many tissues and organs in the human body. Until recently, researchers believed that stem cells could only give rise to cells related to tissues and organs in their immediate surroundings. However, a number of recent studies show that stem cells from one area of the body may be manipulated to grow into cell types of a completely different tissue. This ability is called "transdifferentiation" or "plasticity," and different types of adult stem cells have this ability in varying degrees.

Adult stem cells in dental pulp are a recent discovery,  they are undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells, which appear to have greater plasticity than other adult stem cell types. Dental stem cells, like other mesenchymal stem cells, can transdifferentiate into cardiac muscle cells and skeletal muscle cells, suggesting an important future role in muscle repair and regeneration.  Adult stem cells in dental pulp are easily obtained from primary and permanent teeth.



Adult Stem
Cell Overview

The discovery of stem cells in teeth puts dentistry at the forefront of ensuring that patients may benefit from new stem cell treatments for the rest of their lives.

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Researchers are now able to direct stem cell growth into many different types of cells.

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