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The Wisdom of Banking Stem Cells
Art Greco discusses why millions of families are choosing to bank their stem cells.
Dental Stem Cells and Cord Blood
Art Greco discusses the difference between the stem cells recovered from teeth and the stem cells recovered from cord blood.
Clinical Trials - An Overview
Art Greco explains how 'Clinical Trials' are conducted and the meaning behind the classifications: Phase I / Phase II / Phase III / Phase IV
Sickle Cell Anemia Stem Cell Treatment
Art Greco discusses how Stem Cells and CRISPR are teaming up to cure Sickle Cell Anemia
Paralysis Stem Cell Treatment
Art Greco discusses a clinical trial utilizing the patient's own stem cells to ameliorate spinal cord injuries
Stem Cells in Space
Art Greco discusses how stem cells will play a vital role in providing a valuable source of food for future space travelers.
Tooth Regeneration With Stem Cells
Madina Malik of StemSave reports on how the unique properties of dental stem cells are taking us a step closer to 'biologic' repair and regeneration of teeth
CRISPR & Stem Cells: Coalition For The Future
Art Greco discusses how researchers are taking advantages of the unique characteristics of CRISPR and Stem Cells to tackle genetic disorders
3D Printing Organs With Stem Cells
Art Greco discusses advances in 3D bio-printing of organs and tissues as researchers pair stem cells with innovative techniques and systems
Treating Chronic Wounds With Welded Stem Cells
Art Greco discusses 'welding' stem cells together to form a stem cell rich 3D gel to treat chronic wounds
Repairing Teeth with Dental Stem Cells
Madina Malik of StemSave discusses a clinical trial, building upon a University of Pennsylvania study, that utilizes autologous dental stem cells to repair teeth.
MS Phase II Clinical Trial with Stem Cells
Art Greco discusses a Phase II Clinical Trial for MS using the patient's own mesenchymal stem cells to take advantage of their ability to differentiate into neural progenitor cells and their immune modulation capabilities.
Dental Revolution In The Making
Madina Malik of StemSave reports on stem cell advances in dentistry that will spearhead a paradigm shift in treatment protocols.
ALS Phase III Clinical Trial
Art Greco discusses a Phase III Clinical Trial for ALS using the patient's own stem cells.
Scoring With Stem Cells
Art Greco discusses how athletes are utilizing their own stem cells to address injuries, speed healing and avoid surgery.
Joint Effort: Stem Cells and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Art Greco discusses a case study to treat rheumatoid arthritis with a patient's own stem cells.
Cartilage Repair with Stem Cells
Art Greco reports on an FDA Approved autologous stem cell treatment to repair cartilage.
Stem Cells Root Out Root Canals
Madina Malik of StemSave reports on the use of stem cells to mitigate the need for root canals.
Bio-Engineered Lungs
Art Greco discusses an advancement in organ replacement utilizing stem cells to enable lungs to be transplanted and grow within the body.
The Biotechnology Revolution
Art Greco discusses how the biotechnology revolution represents the next wave in human progress.
CRISPR and Stem Cells
Art Greco discusses CRISPR and how the new technology, paired with stem cells, represents a paradigm shift in medicine
Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trial
Art Greco discusses the results of a Phase III MS Clinical Trial and its impact on regenerative medicine.
How Cryopreservation Works
Art Greco discusses cryopreservation and its relevance in stem cell banking.
Hair Raising News
Art Greco highlights a Yokohama National University study involving hair growth and McDonald's fries.
Accelerating Medical Research
Art Greco discusses a new clinical trials database - Antidote - which is poised to accelerate medical research and treatments
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Art Greco discusses clinical trials for Autism Spectrum Disorder utilizing the patient's own stem cells
Dentistry and Stem Cells
Art Greco discusses dentistry's position at the forefront of regenerative medicine.
WELCOME To Stem Cell Talks
Art Greco discusses new StemSave informational venues to keep families and dentists up to date and informed on developments shaping advances stem cells and regenerative medicine
Ask the Doctors
Doctors on 'Ask the Doctors' discuss dental stem cell banking with StemSave
Informational video about StemSave service and banking stem cells from teeth
Lisa Ray - Stem Cell Treatment Experience
Lisa Ray discusses her stem cell treatment experience
Dr. Andrew Slavin - CBS West Palm Beach
Dr. Andrew Slavin discusses banking of Dental Stem Cells
Dr. Abtin Shahriari - NBC Atlanta
Dr. Abtin Shahriari and the Heyman Family save stem cells from wisdom teeth for use by Emory University in Fragile X research
Regenerating Skin with Stem Cells
Stem cell technology advance helps burn victims
Dr. George T.-J. Huang, DDS, MSD, DSc
Dr. Huang discusses dental stem cells and related research
Dr. Jeremy Mao, DDS, PhD
Dr. Mao discusses the plasticity of stem cells from teeth
ABC News - Philadelphia
Dr. Carlos Gomez, DMD and Margaret Keller, PhD discuss banking stem cells from teeth
Dr. Judith Oppenheim - WGN Chicago
Dr. Oppenheim assists family in banking stem cells from baby teeth
Fox News - Denver
Doctor in Colorado utilizes StemSave to preserve stem cells in wisdom teeth to combat a rare genetic cardiac disorder.
Fox News - Phoenix
Report on banking stem cells from wisdom teeth
Dr. Dean Vafiadis
Dr. Vafiadis explains stem cell banking with a family
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