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Professional FAQ
  What is cryopreservation?
  Cryopreservation is the process of preserving cells or whole tissues by cooling them to sub-zero temperatures...
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Professional Enrollment
Enrolling as a StemSave Professional will allow you to participate in the emerging field of regenerative Medicine and Dentistry. StemSave partners with you to enhance your practice and expand your care to patients
The enrollment process takes 6 simple steps: You will need to complete all of the steps to activate your account. Thank you.
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Professional Enrollment
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Benefits for your Practice
Once you complete your enrollment and your account is activated, you will receive the following benefits at no cost.

1) You and your practice will be listed on our Dentist Locator.

2) We will send out a press release announcing your participation in the StemSave Dental Professional Network.

3) Patient Educational Materials: Patient Brochures, Brochure holder and an Informational StemSave Poster.

4) Professional StemSave guide: Tooth eligibility, Talking Points and Recovery Instructions.

5) Emergency StemSave Recovery and Transport Kit.
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